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Very nice gift

Ordered on January 31st and needed it by the 18th for my grandson's baptism. Was a little skeptical about the delivery and the whole process or if product was valuable. I can say that it arrived 4 days before and the quality was absolutely stunning. Grandson loved it and the extra for the box was worth it! Loved it and would order again!

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Chain quality lacking

Got it for my crush for Christmas an she loved it from the box to the design of the necklace but the chain broke at the clamp day one and she lost it after it had fell off 4 times, now she's upset an I look like a cheapskate, needs a better quality chain n maybe add color variants of the pendants(like purple since that's her favorite color) hesitant to buy another from this site

Absolutely satisfied with how it all came out. My mother-in-law adored her gift. Amazing work

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Shipped very well and came out very well

Shipped very well and came out very well, very much enjoyed the careful packaging and how things came out

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Beautiful necklace

Good quality and was exactly what was shown.

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Very happy

Necklaces are beautiful. The personalization on the cards was the perfect touch. Our daughters absolutely love them.

This necklace brought my stepmother to tears, in a good way.

Was very pleased

Looked just as good as the pictures good gift packaging. Ut was delivered a lil late but that can be overlooked cause product was good quality

Cabin ornament

Well made, nicely packaged and came fast. Perfect addition to our tree at our cabin this year

Cute necklace

Cute necklace but spelling error on card- alwas instead of always

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